Read This. It Matters.

Let’s be honest, there are numerous places to buy products from these days, whether it be online or traditional store fronts, being spoilt for choice, we often make decisions based on prices and who has the best deal going at any given time.

Being a small business, we aren't always able to compete with high street stores when it comes to deep discounts. We don't buy huge amounts of leather from unkown sources because it's cheap for example, we use the same suppliers that we have been using for many years, because the relationships are more important to us and knowing where our leather comes from is equally important. 

Here’s what you are doing when you buy from Scaramanga

  • You are contributing to a local economy; as we buy most of our goods and materials from traditional small-scale producers, craft based families and communities which means more opportunities for other entrepreneurs to realise their dreams, you'll become a maker of dreams.
  • You are supporting a company that provides an eco-friendly service with eco-friendly tanning processes to upcycled shopping bags.
  • You are getting rare and unique furniture that is original and expertly restored, so it will last a lifetime, not just a few months and end up as waste.
  • You are getting leather products that won’t need to be replaced in a few months’ time; rather an investment piece that will last for years.
  • You are supporting a company that values relationships more than cheap prices and unknown sourcing. We pay our suppliers a fair price, agreed through discussion and participation, which improves their standard of living and their community. We pay at least a 60% advance for orders.
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