Architectural Salvage

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Architectural Salvage

The concept of Architectural Salvage has been around for some time now, as people recognise the superior quality of the fittings & fixtures that were once so common in the properties of the past. Architectural Salvage is a term that we tend to throw about quite a lot. But if you don’t work in the reclaim and salvage business, then it’s a term you maybe haven’t heard before? So what is architectural salvage?Architectural Salvage is a sweeping statement, to describe something as architectural salvage. It can range from vintage cast iron radiators to reclaimed timber doors. So it really is a sweeping statement used to describe structural or larger interior items.But for us architectural salvage can bring the true soul and essence of an old building and bring it back to life in your home. Bringing genuine Indian structural building designs to you. We love seeing antique windows and shutters used in newer homes or used as structures in customers gardens. We love seeing pieces upcycled into something completely new. There is nothing quite like an old Indian shutter door get turned into an original shuttered mirror, creating a truly eye-catching and unique interior furniture. Architectural salvage blends culture, history and design into one. For the creative, the eco-warrior and the industrialist; architectural salvage is for all.

Scaramanga happens to be enthusiasts in reclaimed and salvaged doors and windows. There is nothing quite like the details and intricacies that go into the structures of Indian home design. In the modern standardised world of mass production, it can be almost impossible to find doors etc. of the right size & style to suit an older property or indeed to use as a feature in a modern home. Other fittings such as lighting & door furniture are equally as hard to source.

The quality & individuality that was once expected & commonplace is often lacking in the modern equivalent. So when the opportunity comes to salvage a piece of history and bring it home, we cannot turn it down. We have had doors from old shops, warehouses and homes all of which have history, and either beautiful details and colour if not both. These items make wonderful statement features in the home or garden or would make a real talking point in any business.

Scaramanga now offer a unique selection of old and antique wooden doors, windows and shutters. Each has been carefully restored by craftsmen using only traditional skills and methods.Originally made by Indian artisans in the 1800s these wonderful hardwood doors, frames and shutters show wonderful intricate carved detail and authentic gradual ageing and a great patina.