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Soft Furnishings

We love soft furnishings at Scaramanga due to their effortless ability to give any room a new lease of life. Introducing blankets and cushions to a room in your home means that giving a room a much needed makeover doesn't even need to be expensive. We have a wide range of luxurious soft home wear that you can choose from. Whether you are looking for a vibrant bedspread to give your sofa a much needed upgrade, or a colourful cushion cover to introduce to your bedroom, we have what your are looking for. 

A great way to start is a much needed blanket throw. Our brand new blue and purple bed cover is a great example of a high-quality soft furnishing piece. This timeless bed cover would fit beautifully in a neutral living room or bedroom. The contrasting cold and warm colours brings out the striking and sophisticated design that you will want to show off to all your visitors. In addition, If you are in desperate need of adding colour to a neutral room, the gorgeous sofa throw will not disappoint. 

Another great example of our collection of soft furnishings is our teak velvet cushion cover. This is a brand new design that we love at Scaramanga. The luxurious velvet material adds endless sophistication to any room in your home. If you have been patiently waiting to introduce a subtle 1970's style without overpowering the already existing furnishings in your home , this is your opportunity. We think everyone should introduce soft furnishings to every room as it is a great way to make a house a home. The teal velvet cushion cover is no exception to this.

It's time to shop our wide collection of soft furnishings now and give your home that much needed homely feel it deserves.