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Blankets & Throws

Our collection of blankets and throws is growing! We have a full range of throws you are certain to love. From our cotton throws to sofa throws, there is something for everyone. 

Make an impact with our new cotton weave sofa throw blankets, they are brightly coloured to meet all your Spring decor needs. The large throws are soft and supple so you can enjoy wrapping yourself up on the sofa to stay warm, they are as practical as they are decorative. 

Most of our blankets and throws are handcrafted from artisans around the globe, so they are completely unique and original. The quality is superb and they will last for ages without pilling. 

If you're looking for a mini makeover, then you'll be surprised just how easy it is to achieve by simply adding an affordable throw to lounge or bedroom, it can really transform the space.