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Vintage Tables & Desks

Vintage Tables and Vintage Desks are essential pieces of furniture in every home and commercial space. No matter what size, tables act as the focal point of every room.

We use tables to have meals with family and friends, at work, enjoy BBQs in the garden, play games, draw, paint or write on – we use tables all the time because they are extremely versatile.

We stock a great variety of unique vintage tables that are striking and strong. Our collection includes retro, antique, industrial tables, we have a table by Quitmann for our Mid-Century furniture aficionados. We stock a range of antique oak and pine dining tables, folding tables and chairs with great history, character and charm, as well as colourful Formica tables.

At Scaramanga, we believe that tables bring us together, they are pieces of furniture we make memories on over dinners, coffees or games. Our collection is full of interesting, unique and durable pieces that will stand the test of time.

What’s in Scaramanga’s Vintage Table Collection?

Some of our favourite pieces are our vintage metal folding tables, which are comprised of a sturdy iron frame, folding legs and a tropical hardwood top.

We sell these tables in a variety of styles to suit our colour-loving customers such as spring-green, teal-blue and baby-pink and for our industrial-chic customers we have rustic metal frames with plain hardwood tops.

One of the most beneficial features of our metal folding tables is the fact that they fold up, making them perfect for bars and restaurants as they are easily transported and stored whilst remaining sturdy and stylish.

Where did our Metal Folding Vintage Tables come from?

Our Vintage metal folding tables have a lovely rustic charm to them because they’ve lived a long life. They were originally used as wedding tables in India, where they would have been covered in beautiful materials and decorated with flowers and ornate candles. These would have been used year in, year out and repainted again and again as the paint faded. Sometimes the tables would be repainted a different colour meaning that some of our vintage folding tables have notes of red, blue and green as each old layer of paint seeps through, making each one totally unique. We love the fact that there is so much history engrained into our vintage folding tables and yet they remain incredibly strong and durable.

Working from Home?

2020 brought about a rise in homeworking and although many of us have now returned to the workplace, some companies have harnessed the benefits of working from home and continued it. At Scaramanga we sell vintage tables and desks that are perfect for home working, whether it be for work, school studies or to run a small business from home. If you’ve been working from home and have the space to create your own home office, our metal folding tables would make ideal desks. These spaciously tables are long, sleek and sturdy giving you lots of room to use your computer, write and plan without feeling cramped. We know how amazing these desks are for our customers who make their money from home, so we created the Vintage Office in a Pack deal, offering you a set of six pieces of vintage items for only £298.60! The pack includes:x1 Vintage Metal Folding Tablesx1 1960s Remploy Padded Chairx1 Old Car Tin – perfect for rubbers, sharpeners or sticky notesx1 Vintage Brick Mould – ideal for storing pens, pencils and rulers x1 Vintage Wooden crate to store books in.x3 Small Terracotta Pots, to bring some nature into your home office. If bought separately, you’d be paying £373.25, so you’re saving a whopping £74 for a home office that removes the faff of building furniture and takes less than 60 seconds to set up.

For smaller spaces we have wooden desks that were originally school desks. They all come with a detachable iron metal frame and we have a variety of colours such as blue, green and white as well as plain wooden desks. These desks are neat and sturdy and allow you to complete your work without leaving the house. As well as being great for home-working and school studies, these desks would make beautiful rustic vintage display tables in your living room where you could place flowers or a speaker on top of. They could be placed at your front door with a small basket for your keys or in your bedroom to paint and write.

What’s in our Unique Collection of Vintage Tables?

Over the years at Scaramanga we have curated an incredibly unique selection of vintage tables that will add character to any home and make great conversational pieces. One of our most unique tables is our Antique Naga Wooden Grinding Table which was made in the early 1900s by the Naga tribes of remote North East India. This piece was made out of a single hardwood timber log, giving it has a rich, dark brown patina to it. Originally, this grinding table was used for, you guessed it, grinding down grains! The Naga tribe would place grains in the three central holes and use large wooden poles to grind the grains into powder. When we first came across this piece, the sides were curved upwards so we decided to level it out so it could be used as a coffee table. At Scaramanga, we value the fascinating history within all of our pieces as we know there is nothing better than buying a totally unique piece. We believe that giving old, un-used furniture a new lease of life is the best approach to buying and providing our customers with genuine, great quality antiques.

What’s in our Upcycled Vintage Tables Collection?

At Scaramanga, we love to upcycle. It’s as a great method to help save the planet and offer our customers pre-loved, unique goods. One of our most innovative and impressive upcycled tables is our Vintage Vaulting Horse table. We saw a lot of potential in the old Vault Horse as it was in great condition, so we commissioned this piece as part of our limited-edition range of upcycled furniture. We used the lower sections of the classic gym horse and topped it off with thick reclaimed tropical hardwood to create an extremely unique dining table. Better yet, the sections of the horse can be removed meaning the height can be adjusted.If you’re looking for an interesting and unique table that’s both strong and full of character have a look at our whole selection here.