Vintage Wooden Chests, Trunks & Boxes

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Vintage Wooden Chests, Trunks & Boxes

At Scaramanga, we specialise in authentic vintage wooden chests, storage chests and boxes. We have over 150 to choose from which differ in style, shape, size, colour and wood. Wooden chests and storage boxes are essential pieces of furniture in any home, they can be used in every room to de-clutter a space and store some of your favourite mementoes or collectables. We strive to offer our customers eye-catching and striking pieces of furniture that go beyond aesthetics, we make sure they are also practical, useful and functional.

What makes our Vintage Wooden Chests Special?

All of our vintage chests and storage boxes are fully restored by our expert craftsmen and carpenters so you know that you’re investing in a product that will stand the test of time. We value the history and charm embedded within every one of our vintage chests and boxes. We carefully preserve the unique characteristics on our boxes, offering our customers an insight into their original use and add authenticity and a charm which cannot be found in mass-produced modern storage solutions. We work hard to keep as much of the aged character and patina as we can on each of our pieces, we believe that the rusted edges, vintage scuff marks and patina of age make our collection extremely unique and attractive for any vintage fans.

Our wooden chests are all extremely unique, no two are ever the same, meaning it’s not just our customers who love our collection, but also props buyers. Since Scaramanga began, our vintage chests have been featured in several blockbuster films such as Tim Burton’s Dark Shadows, The Legend of Tarzan, Disney’s Dumbo and Maleficent 1 and 2, as well as many TV period dramas. We are proud of our ability to source quality chests that can be reused in homes and on movie sets. Some of our most unusual wooden chests have even be acquired by museums and educational institutions around the world due to their value within history.

What can you find in our collection of Vintage Wooden Chests and Boxes?

There are no limits to what you could use one of our antique wooden chests for, making each one both a practical and useful piece of furniture within any home. Our variety of styles, colours, and materials mean there is something on offer for everyone.

Some of our traditional vintage chests include an antique Rajasthani Pitari storage chest which was originally used by Indian merchants and families to store valuables and heirlooms. This piece is made from teak wood, an extremely durable tropical hardwood, iron banding and edging which is covered with either a distressed white or green paint. For our shabby-chic die-hards, this piece could finish off your bedroom as a linen chest, in your living room as a small table, blanket storage box, valuables chest or even in your hall to store shoes. This piece would look great with one of our antique padlocks and keep any valuables safe. For a more contemporary, clean look, we have a selection of bare teak wooden trunks exposing the beautiful gradients and patterns of the wood. These heavy-duty, rustic chests are embellished with brass handles and are equally practical and beautiful.

Our smaller wooden boxes include vintage shaving boxes. One of our favourites once belonged to an Indian barber and held scissors, razor blades, brushes and soap. We’ve restored the box to make it functional but have left all of the old scratches and scuffs adding to its vintage charm.

Another one of our small chests is our memory chest which has a distressed finish, exposed teak wood and green paint. Both of these boxes would make a thoughtful gift for any loved one as they are small, compact and versatile. They could be used as a jewellery chest, a stationary box or a place to store your favourite photographs and memories.

Want a Unique Vintage Chest or Box?

If you’re looking for an unusual vintage storage box that will add a sense of charm to your home, then our ‘Danger Poison’ box is just the one for you. This vintage storage box is a great conversational piece as it used to be used for shipping bottles of poison from a factory in the UK. It dates back to the 1980s and has a lovely patina of age to it. Not only would this box look great in your home, but it would make an excellent authentic prop for a TV series or movie.

We value the fascinating history within all of our pieces as we know there is nothing better than buying a piece which is totally unique. One of our most fascinating, multi-functional antique wooden chests is our antique wedding chest. We source many striking pieces from Southern India where they were used as a wedding chest displaying a fine example of traditional wood craftsmanship with carved patterns and details which enhance its beauty. This chest would have been gifted to an Indian couple on their wedding day and kept for the rest of their lives. Inside of the chest is a variety of compartments and chambers for storing family heirlooms, valuables, photographs and important documents. This vintage coffee table has the potential to be the most sentimental and unique piece of furniture you’ll ever buy. At Scaramanga, we believe that giving old, unused furniture a new lease of life is the best approach to buying and providing our customers with genuine antiques.

No matter what size, shape, colour or style you’re looking for, at Scaramanga, we have one of the largest ranges of vintage and antique storage boxes and chests in the UK for you to peruse through. Have a look at the whole collection here.

Most of our chests and boxes were made from teak, which is a very strong and durable tropical hardwood that is mainly found in India, Indonesia and Burma. It is a mid-brown wood with a deep contrasting grain. Most of our teak boxes were made 100-120 years ago in Andhra Pradesh, eastern India. The teak mostly originates from Burma, which is quite widely recognised as the source of the best teak. This teak is often called Burmese teak, Burma teak or simply golden teak.