Trade & Wholesale Case Study

Scaramanga Trade Case Study – Futtle a 2 minute read about how we've worked with a start-up local brewery business.

Case Study


Futtle is an organic brewery, distillery, bar, music venue and secondhand vinyl record shop just outside St Monans on the beautiful East Neuk coast of Fife.
Lucy Hine and Stephen Marshall, “partners in all things life, work and beer”, had spent their careers in the drinks industry but never made anything themselves.
Then, in 2017, an opportunity arose to lease space at Bowhouse - a former dairy farm which connects small growers and producers with restaurants and shoppers. They jumped into action and started Futtle!

The Challenge

Soon after, Lucy invited Carl to view their space - the stable end of the main farm building. Lucy and Stephen wanted to create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere for people to eat and drink high-quality food and drinks in, while retaining a clear sense of the space’s agricultural heritage.

They also wanted interiors which would allow them to use the space very flexibly in line with the many uses they planned for the space - bar, music venue, brewing and retail bottle shop.

Also, pieces they bought needed to have multiple uses e.g. tables used for entertaining would also be used for brewing, distilling and displaying.

What we did

Carl worked with Lucy and Stephen to create a space inspired by iconic continental bistros.

Together, they agreed colourful original vintage and antique furniture would fit their practical and style needs.

The styling was very eclectic - mixing styles, materials and eras.

Items chosen included:

• Red and blue folding industrial tables
• Mid-20th Century British Ben chairs
• Indian cinema chairs
• Old school science lab tables
• Painted kitchen cupboards
• Armoires
• Racks
• The grandest Indian wooden chest Scaramanga has ever found!


Futtle is a space with a real Wow!-factor. It feels as if you could be sitting in a bar in France, yet at the same time you’re at the heart of a small brewery and cosy gig venue.

The bar opened in 2019, from where they served their very popular organic spiced rum favoured with foraged local ingredients.

In 2020, Lucy and Stephen launched their first batch of organic beer, also flavoured with foraged ingredients.

Meeting changing needs

The business has grown and its needs have changed, especially since the pandemic began, and we’ve continued to work with them.

In 2021, we supplied them with vintage bistro tables for outdoor drinking as well as more cupboards - to display their growing range of organic wines and ciders.
Lucy said: “Working with local suppliers is a key part of our business, so we were pleased that Scaramanga was able to help us design a flexible space and furnish it with appropriate to create the mood we wanted and meet our varying functional needs.

“Scaramanga are also really good at responding very quickly to our requests with suggestions and photos of suitable pieces.”

Future plans

Futtle's plans for 2022 include: new beer releases, their exciting first ‘wild brewing run’, an organic festival on June 18, starting a food service and a series of gigs through the Spring and Summer.

Find out more about what's happening at Futtle here.