Vintage Shelving

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Vintage Shelving

Vintage shelving is a fantastic storage solution while adding character and charm to any room. Ranging from industrial metal shelving to brightly coloured distressed wooden shelving to vintage kitchen storage units, we have a style to suit any decor and indeed any room. 

If you are on the hunt for a long-lasting piece of furniture, you should look no further than a solid and tested vintage shelving unit. We believe that choosing high quality, preloved furniture is a great choice for those looking to shop more sustainably. At scaramanga we have sourced a fantastic range of vintage shelving. To go a step further, we have designed beautiful reclaimed wooden shelves, using old discarded wood. 

The longer we stay in our homes the more storage space we seem to need. However sourcing thhe best solution for all our stuff can be difficult, but no need to keep searching, scaramanga have found the solution for you! Storage racks and vintage shelving units are just the answer to return the organisation and calm to your home. 

Each piece of shelving is unique and would work well for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and offices. Use your new original shelf to display vintage tableware in your kitchen, to store and organise all your files and paperwork in your office or to display all your collected curios from far flung travels.