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Pet Accessories

We love our pets so much at Scaramanga that we have decided to introduce new pet accessories just in time for the year of the dog. Your furry friend deserves to add a touch of luxury to their everyday style as much as you do and we have a range of dog collars at different sizes to ensure we cater to all of your pets. We have also introduced a name tag that you can personalise with your pets name. 

Our unique leather dog collars are a luxury dog accessory that your dog can wear proudly when they are out and about. We made sure to introduce an extra small, small, medium and large to make sure they cater to all. 

The small dog collars are a perfect way to give your brand new puppy their first luxurious gift. If you are looking to introduce a new pet to your family, a new pet collar can be a lovely way to break the news. If you are waiting to buy a sturdy dog collar for when your dog is fully grown, why not try out our smaller collars. If your gorgeous pet loves it, you can upgrade them to a bigger pet accessory.

The medium dog collar is a great way to upgrade puppy accessories when your dog gets slightly older. Choosing your dog a collar should be taken seriously as it must last a lifetime. If your pet is slightly bigger then we have a large dog collar to suit their needs. 

Similar to many of our leather goods, the luxury pet accessories are made from hunter leather. This is a high quality material that will remain sturdy throughout your dogs daily adventures. 

If you are looking for a unique and sturdy leather collar to treat your beloved pet, then we have you covered!