Vintage Japanese Furniture

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Vintage Japanese Furniture

Shop our new range of authentic Japanese vintage furniture. This exciting new range of vintage furniture is sourced directly from Japan and pieces range from 50-100 years old. 

You'll find wooden chests, chest of drawers, wooden stools and wooden chests amongst this new range of furniture. There are a lot of design features we appreciate in these vintage interiors, including boxes with no nails or screws, ornately designed hardware, sleek and simple lines and door and compartments so cleverly designed we've not seen anything like it. 

Tansu is a traditional style of Japanese furniture dating back thousands of years. Tansu refers to chests, chest of drawers or cupboards, these were traditionally used as mobile storage for kimonos, swords and travelling, much like the British steamer trunks were used.

Even though our collection of vintage furniture from Japan is vintage and some antique, the simple lines and woods make these pieces extremely versatile. You'll be able to style these simple pieces into any interior design.