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We have a lovely range of glassware that will make your tableware collection truly one of a kind. Sure you can get glasses, bar glasses, drinking glasses and cups anywhere, but our range is something unique. You’ll find traditional chai tea glasses in a variety of sizes and styles in our collection, these are glasses you’ll not find anywhere else. More importantly, all our glasses are incredibly affordable, some start as love as just £2!

We have sourced a unique range of traditional chai tea glasses from India. We have a variety of sizes and styles of these drinking glasses. If you’ve been fortunate to have travelled through India, you would have seen chai being served out of these types of glasses. Merchants will serve chai in these unique glasses on the street to passerby’s. Now you can bring this long-standing tradition into your home by shopping our glassware range. You’ll find these glasses are suitable as drinking glasses and can be used for hot and cold beverages. Water, tea, juice, wine…whatever you fancy will happily go in these glasses.

Again, not only will you find this range of glassware unique, but outrageously affordable. Our glasses start at only £2. So yes, you can shop for drinking glasses anywhere, but for the same price, why not bring something unique to your dining experience. You’ll be able to share stories of these glasses being used by street merchants in India to serve chai whilst sitting around the table with your friends and family. That’s why people shop at Scaramanga, for the stories and one of a kind vintage furniture and interiors.

The price, style and size have made these glasses very popular with restaurants, so if you are looking for wholesale glasses or drinking glasses in bulk, let us know. We hope you find glasses you are looking for at