Meet The Team

It didn’t take too long before Scaramanga had outgrown the dining table and Carl decided he needed some help. Cue the Dream Team to the rescue…

Carl still heads up the company as Managing Director. Tom manages the highly skilled Customer Services team. Kelly, Tom & Ewa are our Customer Service experts. Kelly S is our Master of Disasters Finance. Graeme is our Warehouse Warrior, he packs all your furniture and never (usually) complains. Harley, our 'Bark'eting assistant. Lastly, we have Sam, who heads up our Digital Marketing. That's us, just 8 ridiculously good-looking people, who stress-eat chocolate and genuinely enjoy what we do and who we work for.


What makes us unique?

We all wish mini eggs were sold year-round and we can all do one another's job. Yep, Kelly has packed a chest of drawers on a pallet and Graeme has answered the phone... once, and we're really sorry to the person who was on the other end. The Scaramanga family may have grown 2 or 3 times as big but we still have the same hands-on approach, meeting and working with all our makers personally. Annoying them until we get the new bag design perfect… even 12 prototypes later. We still work with the same people in the vintage furniture markets in Rajasthan, who know exactly the type and quality of furniture we want and will keep pieces they come across for us.