Our Leather

We use unique Hunter leather, quality buffalo leather hides that are tough-wearing, give a large yield and have a bold varying leather grain that ages beautifully.

Our Hunter leather is tanned using a semi-vegetable tanned (VT) method, which means more natural substances like tannins, dyes and oils are used instead of harmful chemicals like chromium salts. This is better for the tanners and the environment. Our leather tanning and finishing brings out the natural attributes of leather.

The final stage of the leather tanning involves rolling hot waxes and oils into the leather to give it a unique vintage finish - we all wish we got to do this part. While most modern leather processing often involves the removal of the surface texture and the application of a ‘finished’ layer to give a more uniform appearance, we embrace the uniqueness of our leather and keep all the natural variations of leather, making each leather product truly unique. Different parts from several buffalo hides may be used to make a single Scaramanga leather bag so there is often some variation in colour and the texture to the different parts of a leather satchel and bag, which will all create a wonderfully unique effect.

  • All natural marks and lines are left fully exposed, because perfection is so out-dated
  • No two pieces are exactly the same, just like us!
  • With a little care leather will look better with age, just like some of us!