Our Furniture

Scaramanga's founder, Carl, has a lifelong love and appreciation of well made furniture and interiors. He spends many hours searching and discovering original vintage and antique furniture from around the globe. He carefully selects every piece himself and oversees their careful restoration.

It takes a considerable time to acquire the knowledge, gain the experience and master traditional furniture restoration and making. The people who restore our furniture are dedicated to excellence and fine detail. They bring our furniture back to life without loosing its history, acquired patina and character built up over many years. You can read about our buying trips to India and how they restore the furniture in this blog post.

Buying Trip

Scaramanga also works with a small number of specialist vintage and antique furniture suppliers in the UK to find original furniture from around the world. Read about our restorer Bill who has been working with wood for over 70 years and can repair anything!


If you are looking for a particular piece and cannot find it on our website please contact us and we will try to source it for you, or look in our homes and have it here for Monday.