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Treasure Chest

A treasure chest from Scaramanga is a fantastic way to clear up clutter and store your belongings.

Whether you are looking to keep blankets and cushions out of sight in the living room; or a home for smaller items in the bedroom, you will find what you need at Scaramanga.

We have a variety of beautiful storage chests for you to choose from.

Smaller chests are the perfect size for sitting on top of a vanity table to store all your jewellery. Alternatively, you could use them on a desk to keep your stationary. You'll never have to worry about finding your favourite bling again.

Our range of larger chests are perfect for placing at the foot of your bed, to keep clothes and blankets out of the way. They wouldn't be out of place in a living room either, where they can double as coffee tables.
Why not use them in your child's playroom, where they can house toys. Your kids will love the, especially if they are into pirates and buried treasure.

No two treasure chests from Scaramanga are ever the same as they are genuine antiques. They are never newly manufactured or made to look old in appearance.

We source our treasure chests from all around the world. Our chests are available in a range of styles, sizes and colours.

As our chests are antique, they feature marks and scratches from previous use, giving them a strong sense of character. Some of them have even retained their original paintwork.

The majority of our chests would have been used by merchants to storage important documents, belongings or clothes. Some were owned by families who would keep heirlooms and valuables in them.

At Scaramanga, our treasure chests ooze rustic charm making them suitable for many different interior styles. So, unleash your inner pirate and add a vintage treasure chest to your home today.