Vintage Coffee Tables

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Vintage Coffee Tables

Give your living room's style an edge with one of our vintage coffee tables. The coffee table is after all the centrepiece of the room. Whether you’re an avid coffee drinker or not, the coffee table has a central role in any living room.

A coffee table’s size, shape and proportion will change the social dynamics and function of a living room. A living room coffee table is the chameleon of home furniture. Throughout the day or week, it transforms from a board game surface, footrest, a magazine stand and dinner table. It displays our favourite ornaments and of course, it becomes a convenient surface for your coffee cups.

The coffee table keeps your essentials close, it's a big deal. Scaramanga prides itself on its interesting choice of coffee tables. Our inspiring range includes antique travel trunks from USA and Europe, to old solid teak chests from eastern India and low-rise street-merchant tables from Northern India. We even have finely crafted formal British occasional coffee tables and upcycled industrial tables. All our dedicated tables and multifunctional storage cabinets with tabletops perfectly complement any space or style.

Browse our stunning range of small, medium and large coffee tables today to complement and enhance your favourite space. The Scaramanga range of living room tables includes an inspiring choice of material accents of glass, natural wood and metal. Explore and you’ll find the perfect focal point for any living room’s design scheme. With our extensive range of rustic, vintage and industrial tables, it’s not difficult to find one fully harmonious to your decor style and flexible enough for your lifestyle.

Al of our tables are authentic originals. Whether antique chests, vintage travel trunks or upcycled industrial trolleys each is unique and has a story and history of their own.

Whatever your options, an excellent living room is characterised by its warmth and functionality. These are the values that a well-selected Scaramanga coffee table can offer.