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Wooden Trunk

Need some new storage solutions for small living spaces? Our wooden trunk storage is just the ticket as they will provide ample storage, style and practicality to your living space.

You can use our wooden trunks, chests and boxes as coffee tables, side tables and even additional seating.

A wooden storage trunk, blanket box or our antique trunks make beautiful additions to bedrooms; place them at the end of your bed to store your extra blankets and cushions, but more importantly, use it as seating when you put on your shoes!

Alternatively, a wooden trunk, wicker chest or travel trunk from our fine collection will make unique coffee tables for your living room, regardless of your existing interior decor. These trunks will perfectly complement vintage shabby chic furniture and contemporary styles of furniture alike. Using a chest coffee table or trunk coffee table will allow you to keep all your living room essentials tidy and in one place; no more searching under cushions for the remote control!

Our wooden storage chests are old and original, with some being antiques that are over 100 years old. This means our wooden chests, wooden trunks and boxes each come with their own unique characteristics and sometimes even a story to tell, as they've been collected from around the globe.

If you're looking for something truly unique, then take a look at our treasure chests and treasure boxes. These all have hand crafted metal banding and interesting latches which have the appeal of old wooden pirates’ chests.

There is no better way to bring the past to the present than decorating with old storage trunks and wooden trunks. They'll bring a bit of nostalgia and old world style to your home. When you find wooden storage chests you love and we're pretty sure you will, remember it might be the only one like it in stock, once these original wooden chests are gone, they're gone.

Enjoy shopping our fine collection of wooden storage chests at Scaramanga shop today.