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Wall Mirrors

If you are looking for a vintage wall mirror to brighten up your space, look no further than Scaramanga. Here at Scaramanga we have a large selection of vintage mirrors to suit all tastes. Ranging from ornate mirrors, shabby chic mirrors to large floor mirrors. Made from all sorts of hardwoods, our mirrors are repurposed and ready to be reloved by you! Many of the vintage wall mirrors in our shop feature small cabinets either on the side or bottom, having originally been used in India as shaving mirrors. This means not only are they beautiful, but practical too! All of our mirrors are one off pieces, so you are sure to be the envy of your guests for having a unique vintage mirror.

Our selection of ornate, hand carved wall mirrors can give any wall an instant makeover. They are ideal as bathroom mirrors, over-mantle mirrors, hall mirrors – anywhere that you feel you need to add a touch of effortless vintage charm.

We have a number of art deco-style mirrors, which feature small cabinets and intricate geometric designs. In a bathroom or bedroom, they are perfect for holding toiletries, hair products and make-up, making it easy to stay organised in the chicest way.

Our hand-carved wall mirrors feature gorgeous patterns and ornate carvings, so they double up as your very own piece of vintage art! The shabby chic distressed paintwork tells the story of the exotic and colourful Indian region from which we sourced the pieces. They are therefore guaranteed to add charm and brightness to any wall, whilst being completely original.

Scaramanga also stock a large selection of decorative temple mirrors, which have been made from reclaimed teak, and cut to reflect the detail on the temples in Northern India where they were sourced. The intricate detailing on our antique mirrors can instantly transform any modern or more classic space.

Our beautiful mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, so whether you need to fill a small space with a decorative piece or create a large gallery wall, our vintage and antique mirrors will do the trick.

Even more beneficial, some of our mirrors are really light weight, that means hanging them is extremely easy and won't damage your walls by leaving huge holes. All Scaramanga wall mirrors come with handy hanging devices, so once you've put the screws in, you just need to hang it up, stand back and reflect on your handy work

The last and probably the most important benefit of a Scaramanga mirror is that they are affordable and delivered carefully and quickly. We know that a mirror is only part of your interior look, so we make our vintage and antique mirrors affordable for everyone, we have a large price range that allow our customers to shop guilt free. So, go on and shop our range of wall mirrors and bring something lovely, colourful and unique to your walls - it'll be like a mini makeover!