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Vintage Wardrobes

Organise all of your bedroom essentials in one of our stylish and unique vintage wardrobes. You’ve never seen furniture pieces like ours before. We have a gorgeous range of cabinets, cupboards, armoires and wardrobes that you just can't get anywhere else. Why?

We source our vintage bedroom furniture from across the globe, which makes our collection truly unique! Not only this, we have exciting and original vintage pieces arriving all the time. You’ll never tire of browsing our ever-changing online store.

We only source original vintage wardrobes, so you know you're getting a one of a kind piece of bedroom furniture at Scaramanga. No two wardrobes are the same! Introduce the undeniable character and charm of vintage into your space. Not only are these bedroom wardrobes unique, functional and extremely practical; they’re affordable as well. 

We understand that all bedrooms are different. That’s why we've carefully hand-selected bedroom furniture of all shapes and sizes. We have narrow wardrobes, small cupboards and compact bedroom cabinets for any bedroom. If you’re shopping for a sizeable storage solution, you'll get to choose from large statement pieces that are sure to become the centre of attention in your bedroom.

Our vintage and antique wardrobes come not only in a wide range of shapes and sizes, but also at varying price points. Some of our wardrobes and cupboards start as low as £200! Our vintage wardrobes are the perfect investment because each piece is one of a kind and utterly steeped in history. The incredible quality of these pieces has already been proven.

Our furniture pieces are durable enough to have lasted for decades already and still have a lifetime of use left in them! What’s more? All of our furniture pieces will arrive pre-assembled so you won’t have to waste any time in setting up your new favourite piece of furniture!

Whether you already have a vintage style room or have opted for a more modern or contemporary looking space, we have the perfect bedroom wardrobe to create an eclectic and characterful aesthetic in your home. You'll be spoilt for choice if you're looking for a rustic wardrobe. Many still boast their original paint to help you achieve that popular shabby chic style look. Others present a classic and elegant finish. The exposed natural teak hardwood would perfectly complement a more modern bedroom. 

At Scaramanga, we pride ourselves on maintaining the authenticity of our vintage and antique pieces during the restoration process. We take care to ensure that the original features of each of our pieces are preserved, maintaining the distinctive character and charm that drew us to them in the first place! Take home a piece of authentic history, expertly restored with every care taken to preserve original paint, expertly hand-carved details and any natural surface patina acquired through the ageing process.

Embrace and express your individuality with stunning, unique vintage homewares. If you want to bring charm and character into your bedroom then our range of bedroom furniture is sure to entice you. Shop practical, affordable and completely one-of-a-kind bedroom wardrobes today at