Vintage TV Stands

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Vintage TV Stands

Almost every living room is and has for many decades been dominated by a television, and thus a TV stand. After a busy day or perhaps during a lazy weekend, TV entertainment is a part of our everyday lives. As screens get thinner and larger, it’s essential that they have their own bespoke piece of furniture to stand on. This presents a design issue for the discerning interior designer. The living room TV has a difficult time functioning as a natural part of the interior design of the room.

What would be the perfect TV Stand to complement a large modern-looking black box and entertainment setup? With the rise of the flat screen, it’s an essential style dilemma. This is a design issue where Scaramanga can help. Our well-selected TV stands offer you the flexible but super stylish option to support, display and conveniently storage equipment, wires and other electronic devices.

Scaramanga’s unique television stands are practical. Being long and slim, the TV stands are ideally suited as sideboard cabinets that are able to match with the rest of your rustic and vintage furniture. Just imagine a re-purposed antique Scaramanga TV stand that was once used as a merchant’s cabinet from Northern India. This a wonderful way to add cool points to your living room even when your television is switched off. In this way, our impressive TV stands are a great way to add delightful character to your living room.

With our inspiring stock, you can boldly present your television while discreetly hiding all the peripheral gadgets that go with modern TVs: DVD players, consoles and set-top boxes. Browse and be wowed by our well-curated selection of TV stands. 

Do your living room a favour and give up your black console for a delightful new TV stand from Scaramangashop!