Vintage Sideboards

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Vintage Sideboards

It doesn't take much to complete a dining room, but make sure you don't forget the all-important dining room sideboard. It's the dining room cabinet that serves a real purpose, well multiple purposes actually. From displaying gorgeous flowers and picture frames to providing a surface for hot foods, the sideboard is just as important as the dining table itself.

Traditionally a dining room sideboard is a low cupboard with doors that that sits alongside a wall behind dining tables. It's where you can set all your serving dishes during the meal to keep the dining table free of too many platters and dishes. Our sideboards all one of a kind, affordable and most importantly, practical. 

We use the term, one-of-a-kind pretty often, but unlike other furniture shops, our vintage furniture is genuinely one-of-a-kind. We source it from all over the globe, so you'll always have something unique to choose from. Each piece is hand selected from salvage yards in India or old homes in the UK.

Most of our vintage furniture pieces, including our sideboard cabinets, are about 50-80 years old. If we love them and find them in not-so-great condition, then we simply get them restored. We believe there is great value in restoring old quality vintage furniture, rather than buying new cheap furniture.

Second, to quality, we understand that vintage furniture must be affordable. Our collection of dining room furniture is no exception! You'll get affordable vintage furniture, with charm and character of course, at a price everyone can afford. We have vintage sideboards as low as £170! You don't have to spend your entire budget on one piece of furniture when you shop at Scaramangashop. 

We also understand that vintage furniture needs to fit in with modern or contemporary dining rooms. So you'll quickly see how versatile our sideboard cabinets are. Some are traditional and elegant, made from dark cherry woods or pines. Whilst other sideboards are more adventurous, painted in different colours with quirky designs. So no matter what our collection of vintage dining room furniture will suit you. 

Go on then and see what all the fuss is about. Shop our range of dining room furniture today and grab yourself a new sideboard.