Vintage Picture Frames

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Vintage Picture Frames

A picture is an important focal point in any room that every piece of furniture is centred around. Therefore, it's important you have wooden picture frames to add to the striking painting featured in your home. A picture has the ability to represent your life and family dynamic so it's import that you choose a frame that compliments this in the best way. We have a wide range of vintage wooden photo frames to choose from in a range of different colours to cater to your style. 

One of our favourites is the vintage brown picture frame. These traditional wooden picture frames features a simple design to ensure the picture is not upstaged. A fun fact about this fantastic photo frame is that it was seen at Harry Judd's house in the popular documentary, "When Fearne met McBusted 2014".

Not only do our small picture frames have a celebrity status, they also feature a popular distressed surface finish adding vintage qualities to your home. The picture frames would make a fantastic feature for any retro or contemporary-inspired interior.  

If you are looking for more of a colour wooden picture frame, the vintage green wooden photo frame would make the ideal choice. The colours of the frames may vary slightly from those in the photographs allowing you to feature a unique small picture frame in your home. The photo frame features a distressed style throughout which adds even more character along with your beautiful photography. Our wooden picture frames has the potential to feature small marks and faded paint throughout. We think this adds endless personality to your home. The distressed colouring features smaller specks of colour to reduce the risk of the green colouring overpowering the photograph. 

Why not shop our collection of vintage photo frames now and introduce one of each in every room!