Vintage Outdoor Chairs & Benches

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Vintage Outdoor Chairs & Benches

It's time to get inspired and create an outdoor space that you are proud of! what better way to start than choosing vintage outdoor chairs. We have a wide range of patio chairs that will take your garden from an ordinary space to a vibrant and vintage wonderland. We believe that garden chairs are a key place to start when updating your outdoor decor. Whether you are looking for a unique stool to add to your outdoor bar area or a vintage folding chair to compliment your new Scaramanga table, We have you covered. 

We are a big fan of the classic folding outdoor chairs as they are easy and convenient to move around. You can easily store it in a dry place throughout the winter by simply folding it. a wooden folding chair is a highly popular piece of furniture at Scaramanga due to the vintage style and endless character. Our vintage deck chairs are all in their original form to give you a uniquely distressed piece of furniture. This creates a highly popular vintage style that many of our wonderful customers love. If you are looking for a patio table to compliment your new chairs, we have a wide selection available on our website now! 

If you are looking for an industrial stool to update your outdoor bar space, then we have exactly what you are looking for. We sourced this unique old-school stacking chair from an educational science lab in Edinburgh. These unique outdoor chairs are made from varnished pine plywood and bent tubular legs that feature a neutral grey colour. They have the potential to have multi-purposes as you can also include them in your kitchen as dinning chairs for a change in the winter. 

We also have a wide range of outdoor benches that are perfect for a quiet area in your garden. 

Take a look at our wide range of patio chairs now!