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Vintage Office Furniture

Vintage office furniture that will take your office from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our range of office furniture is full of office chairs, office desks, office storage, desk accessories and more. Like all our vintage furniture at Scaramanga, you're getting completely one-of-a-kind pieces that you can't get anywhere else. You'll see how practical, unique and affordable our office furniture is when you browse the vintage furniture collection online. 

Our office furniture is extremely practical, it can be used for multiple purposes. Our office storage chests are one example. You can use these storage chests to file things away or they can safely hold personal belongings. But did you know you can use them as seats?

Yes! Because they are so robust and durable, you can use them as additional seating in your office. Because each piece is so unique, you are not limited to just using them as office furniture. But many of the office chairs are suitable for your kitchen or lounge. As well, many of the office desks could also be used as a kitchen table. So it's a win-win!

We source our vintage furniture from around the globe, so you always have a unique collection of furniture to shop from. Our office furniture is no exception. These original pieces will bring a very impressive look to your office and perhaps even act as conversation starters. Our office desks used to be old folding tables used in Indian weddings. Our office storage chests were once used by street merchants. So unlike office furniture found in Ikea, ours has a story to tell. 

What's more important than style and practicality...affordability, of course. You'll be able to find desk accessories starting from just £5 and stationary boxes that are around £50. Office chairs from Scaramanga start at £30, so there's no reason to buy boring furniture when for the same price, you'll get truly wonderful pieces.