Vintage Bookcases & Bookshelves

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Vintage Bookcases & Bookshelves

A key element of any office is the bookshelf or bookcase. We understand that books are being replaced with modern technology. However, a bookcase can be used for multiple things. So whether or book collection is growing or diminishing, an office bookcase is still an important part of your office furniture collection. Our bookshelves have all the practical elements you'll need, but with the added bonus of being completely unique and original.

What makes book shelves practical? Well, they have to be well made, durable and have shelves at just the right height. Our range of office furniture includes a bookcase with doors, a narrow bookcase as a narrow bookcase. We have metal bookshelves if you like that popular industrial interior chic look. They are plenty sturdy and will add a very cool element to your office. But, we also have many classic wooden bookcases if you're after a more traditional look. 

We are able to travel the globe sourcing the most unique vintage furniture pieces. So you're guaranteed a very unique and original collection of office bookshelves at Scaramangashop. Some of our bookcases come from old schools or libraries, while others come from old homes in India, yes India! There, you'll know much of the furniture is made from teak, which makes a very durable bookcase. They all have some weight to them, so you'll not have to worry it will tip over. 

As mentioned, a bookcase can be used for so much more than books. You can keep your files organised on a bookshelf or any pictures or curios you'd like to display. We know home offices or otherwise can come in a variety of sizes, so we are happy to offer narrow bookcases, low bookcases. This means there is something for everyone in our collection. 

Shop online today at Scaramangashop for your next office bookcase and bring delight into your office space.