Vintage Kitchen Tables

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Vintage Kitchen Tables

The kitchen table is the heart of the kitchen. That's why we at Scaramanga have sourced some of the most amazing vintage kitchen tables from across the globe. Our selection includes retro tables, farmhouse tables, wooden tables, and of course affordable kitchen tables for everyone to choose from. This is where you'll frequently gather with friends and family to eat, share stories and build memories. So make sure you have the best kitchen table that suits all your needs. You'll quickly see when browsing our range of kitchen furniture that our tables are unique, practical and affordable. 

Our kitchen tables are unique because they come from banquet halls in India, old libraries and schools in the England and old homes in Scotland. We can guarantee you'll not see this kind of variety in styles anywhere else. The wooden tables from India are incredibly unique, they fold down and can be used indoors as well as outdoors! These tables have a painted metal band around the edge for a truly authentic shabby chic style. We have some old lab tables that came from an old school down in England. These lab tables sit pretty high and will give your kitchen a truly original look. Just pair these tables with wooden bar stools and you're good to go!

A kitchen table needs to be practical. All our kitchen tables are just that! Some can be used indoors as used as outdoor garden furniture. Some fold down so you can easily move them around. And all are durable and will make gathering for meals a real treat. We know that not all kitchen are created equally, so we've made sure to have kitchen tables in all sizes in our collection of kitchen furniture. From large farmhouse tables to small retro tables, everyone will have something to choose from when they shop from Scaramangashop.

Yes, kitchen furniture should be unique and practical, but also affordable. You'll quickly see that we have tables for any budget. Some start at under £100! Which considering it's a completely original vintage table, one-of-a-kind, is a remarkable deal. We can't wait for you to see what we've got, so go on and browse our kitchen furniture at Scaramangashop today!