Vintage Kitchen Cupboards

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Vintage Kitchen Cupboards

We have an amazing selection of original vintage kitchen cupboards and free standing kitchen cupboards. Each piece is antique or vintage and totally unique. Transform your kitchen from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Our selection of kitchen wall cupboards and cupboards come from across the globe. We have a unique selection that you can't get anywhere else. What makes our collection of wood cupboards so special? They come in all different sizes, so you no matter what size kitchen you have, we have a cupboard for you. Each cupboard is one of a kind, you'll not see 2 the same. Last, our kitchen cupboards are affordable, so no matter what your budget is, we have something for you.

We have a range of cupboards in varying sizes. From narrow to slim to some real statement pieces that are industrial-sized. We know how much kitchens vary in size, so we've gathered a range to suit everyone. Our wall cupboards are fairly lightweight, so they are easy enough to hang. From standing cupboards to wall cupboards, you'll get to choose from a variety of sizes. 

Since all our pieces are original, they are completely one of a kind. That means you'll get a truly unique piece that nobody else has. What a great conversation starter! We know your kitchen is the heart of your home, so it deserves a special piece like one of our kitchen units. We have a selection of colourful kitchen furniture, wooden cupboards with carvings, industrial chic cupboards and many more styles to choose from. Our cupboards will suit any style of home, from vintage to contemporary or modern. 

We know size and style is important, but what matters most is the price, right? That's why we've carefully selected a range of wooden cupboards at all different prices. Some are as low as £150! All budgets will find something that they're comfortable spending at Scaramanga. Not to mention we have our annual sales where you can really find a great bargain on kitchen furniture.