Vintage Kitchen Chairs

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Vintage Kitchen Chairs

Make sure your kitchen is complete with comfortable and stylish vintage kitchen chairs. Our range of kitchen furniture is centred around delightful vintage and old school chairs. Each old style of chair will bring wonder and character into the heart of your home. From retro chairs to modern wooden chairs there is something in our collection of kitchen furniture for everyone. We even have a selection of kitchen benches and kitchen stools to complete our range. When you browse our kitchen chairs you'll quickly see that we value great style, comfort and great prices when it comes to chairs. So go on and have a look today!

Our kitchen chairs have all the style! We pride ourselves at Scaramangashop as having the widest range of style when it comes to kitchen chairs. If you have a retro kitchen, kitchen vintage, shabby chic kitchen, farmhouse kitchen or even a modern minimalist design, you'll be able to find chairs to suit. The old school chairs that we've sourced from old schools and libraries around the UK would be perfect in a retro or vintage kitchen. While our old wooden folding chairs sourced from India would complement a shabby chic or farmhouse kitchen perfectly. Then we have some really simple wooden stools that would bring life to a minimalist kitchen quite well. 

Let's be honest most vintage chairs aren't comfortable. However, we make sure to find vintage kitchen chairs that are as comfortable as stylish. For example, our wooden folding chairs have a very generous sized seat and the wood is very thick. This great foundation makes for a very comfortable chair. We even have some vintage chairs with padded seats, some covered with padded vinyl and others padded leather. All of the chairs are extremely durable as well, so no guest will take a tumble during a meal!

What's more important than comfort and style? Price, obviously. Not sure if you'll believe us, but we have metal folding chairs from just £7! They are red and they would make lovely kitchen chairs. They go up from there, but even still, all our metal and wooden chairs are affordable. We make sure to have chairs that suit everyone's budget at Scaramangashop. Shop our collection of kitchen chairs today and bring something truly remarkable into your kitchen furniture collection.