Vintage Hallway Benches

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Vintage Hallway Benches

There is nothing more practical for you hallway than a vintage bench, right? Walk in, sit down, take off your shoes, put all your belongings on it, ah you're home. Our range of benches is not to be missed. We have a variety of styles from an industrial bench to a vintage bench to even old church pews used as hallway benches. We pride ourselves on having every one of our vintage benches being practical, stylish and affordable. This means your job is easy when you browse online for a new bench.

In order for a hallway bench to be practical, it must be durable, first. You'll find a lot of teak benches in our collection. This is a very durable hardwood that lasts for years and gets better looking with age. We also have a vintage iron and teak bench, the iron legs make it very strong, so it will take the weight of whatever sits upon it. Beyond durability, you'll find a lot of our benches are narrow, perfect for a narrow hallway or small flat. A bench with storage is a great option for keeping shoes tidy in your hallway too. 

Of course, all our benches are stylish! We can say that because our range includes different styles of benches to suit any preferences. From an industrial bench to a shabby chic style bench, we've got you covered. Some of our vintage benches have a lot of details on them, so they make wonderful statement pieces. While others are simple teak wooden benches, that will complement any interior design scheme you've got going on in your hallway.

What's better than a wooden bench being practical and stylish? Well, affordable, obviously. We have benches that are under £100, so you don't have to break the bank at Scaramanga. Considering you're getting original vintage, meaning each piece is completely one of a kind, these are a great value. We're confident you'll find a bench that meets all your needs when you shop online at Scaramangashop today!