Vintage Dining Tables

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Vintage Dining Tables

There's nothing more important to your dining room than a vintage dining table. It's where you'll gather for meals with friends and family, it truly sets the stage for lifelong memories. We've sourced the most beautiful, practical and affordable dining room tables. Browse our collection of dining room furniture and find a table and chairs that will bring charm and delight to your home. 

Most of our gorgeous dining room tables come from India. Many were used for weddings, parties or large gatherings, so come in a variety of sizes. You'll find a grand selection of wood dining tables, formica and even metal dining room tables. Each one more beautiful than the next. We understand how important it is to have something unique in your dining room, it's the feature of the room after all. Rest assured each table is one of a kind, original vintage. You'll have a beautiful wooden table that nobody else will have. Our styles vary from farmhouse tables to retro dining tables to industrial chic dining tables. There is something for everyone in our range of dining room furniture. 

Beyond beauty, we know that a dining table must be practical. Easy to move, durable and sturdy are some of the qualities of our tables. Beyond that some of our dining tables are foldable. Which means they are incredibly easy to move and store if need be. Like mentioned before, some of our wooden tables were used for large gatherings in India, which means they are made from teak wood. If you know anything about this particular wood, you'll know it's almost indestructible. You're getting a table that will last for years when you shop from Scaramanga. 

Oh, and they're affordable! Some of our vintage dining tables are under £100! That's a real bargain. For the same price of a table you can get at your local box shop, you can get a unique vintage table from us that has so much more charm and character. 

Enjoy browsing our unique and original collection of dining room furniture today!