Vintage Dining Chairs

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Vintage Dining Chairs

A place to gather with friends and family, your vintage dining chairs are a key element to dining room furniture. Our collection of antique and vintage dining chairs is truly unique. We've been fortunate to have sourced dining table chairs from all over the globe. From chairs bought from markets in India to old schools and libraries in the UK, our collection has something for everyone. We understand a chair can't just look good, but it must be practical and affordable as well. Because our vintage chairs are truly old and not reproduced, each one is truly one of a kind, practical and affordable. 

Gone are the days of traditional dining room sets, now a more creative and eclectic look is in vogue. And that's exactly what we have for you! You'll see unique and stylish wooden dining chairs, delightful old metal chairs, as well as elegant pine captain's chairs. We have sets of 4 and 6 dining chairs, but you can mix and match our chairs as well. 

A good stylish dining chair is great, but what makes them better is when they're practical too. Our dining room furniture is made of very durable and sturdy dining chairs. Which isn't always the case with vintage chairs, believe us, we know! You won't have to worry about your guests taking a tumble whilst eating with our chairs. Most of our wooden chairs and metal chairs are stackable and some even foldable. This makes them great for storing away as well as easy to move around the house. Of and did we mention that some of our dining chairs can be used outdoors? The metal chairs we got from India were used for outdoor weddings and festivals, so you can use these vintage chairs in your garden. 

Some of our vintage chairs start as low as £10, yes, that's correct, £10! You can't get chairs that cheap from your local box store. Let alone a wonderfully unique vintage chair. So go on, don't wait to shop our delightful range of dining chairs today at Scaramangashop!