Vintage Cupboards

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Vintage Cupboards

A dining room cupboard is a must-have piece of dining room furniture. Why? You've got stuff, that's why! Your dining room should be an elegant and uncluttered room, so keep all your belongings tucked away in a new wooden cupboard today. Our range of cabinets and cupboards is probably one of the biggest in the UK. We have styles, sizes and price points to suit just about everyone. Don't waste your time with a cheap cabinet from a big box store when you can bring character and charm into your dining room with Scaramanga vintage furniture. 

This is not your ordinary range of vintage cabinets and cupboards. You'll quickly see all the various styles of cabinets from wooden cabinets, industrial cabinets to shabby chic cupboards to antique cupboards. You can choose between a more subtle style of dining room cabinet for those looking for a more traditional dining room. From dark rich oaks, cherry to teak, your wooden cabinets come in all colours of top quality wood. For the more adventurous, you'll have your choice of painted cabinets from India, some as old as 80 years and brimming with colour and character. We guarantee that our cabinets will fit any interior design scheme you have. 

We understand our customers don't all live in the same size dwelling. That's why we pay special attention to the size of our cabinets. Some of you will need a tall and narrow cupboard for your living room, whilst others will need something low and wide.  It's also important that the internal functionality of the cabinet is suitable. We have some dining room cupboards with just a couple large shelves making it a very multifunctional piece of furniture. As well, we have some old styles of cabinets like pigeon holes from old post offices that have small compartments. The choice is yours!

Price matters. We believe you shouldn't spend your whole budget on one piece of furniture for your dining room. So our cabinets and cupboards come at all prices. You can get a gorgeous wooden cabinet from Scaramanga for less than £150! So go on and shop our unique collection of vintage dining room furniture today!