Vintage Coat Racks

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Vintage Coat Racks

Add a new coat rack to your collection of hallway furniture today! At Scaramanga, we pride ourselves on having a unique collection of vintage furniture and our coat hooks are no exception. Our range includes a wall mounted coat rack, a coat hook rack, a wall coat rack and a wooden coat rack. You'll be spoilt for choice! What makes our range so unique? All our vintage furniture is hand selected and globally sourced, each piece is completely one of a kind.

Our coat racks are easy to hang as they are lightweight and come with hooks. We suggest using anchors on your wall so you can hang your coats and hats carefree. There's nothing worse than a coat hook coming down! One would look amazing in your hallway, but add a few together and they would make a real statement. 

A lot of our current selection of coat racks are upcycled from salvaged wood sourced from India. You'll get an array of natural wood and old paint on these coat racks. This makes each one a true original, no two are ever the same. Also, salvaged wood is a great way to add real charm and character to your home.

At Scaramanga, we believe home decor comes down to the details and our coat racks are just that. Great detail pieces that tie everything together. Your coats and hats aren't always hanging on the hooks so it's important the hook themselves are impressive. You can use these coat hooks and coat racks anywhere in your home, not just your hallway. They would look ideal in a kitchen, bedroom or even a bathroom.

We have a choice of colours in our range of wooden coat racks. No matter what colours you have in your hallway, you'll find a coat rack to complement it perfectly.