Vintage Bookcases & Shelving

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Vintage Bookcases & Shelving

A well-selected living room bookcase or shelving rack has a great role in the home. They provide a much-needed home storage solution in your living space. Whether short, tall, modular or fixed, they create libraries for your books and make collections of your personal treasures.

A stylish well-positioned living room bookcase allows you to forget the stresses and strains of modern life and escape by simply reaching out from the sofa for a dreamy book. At a time, when the world is going digital, Scaramanga appreciates the pleasure of having real books at arm’s reach. So create your own library-in-the-making.

A strong single bookcase may be all you need to store your treasured books and impress your friends. They offer a variety of heights and storage compartments for you to make the most of organising your books efficiently. Imagine showcasing your plants, art and objects with a flexible and functional piece of Scaramanga furniture.

A wood or metal book shelving rack can be super flexible - creating areas of visual interest and character in your home. Scaramanga’s unique shelves and storage racks are excellent vertical space-saving solutions. Take a look at our fabulous range. For flexibility, we believe multifunctional shelving and bookcases are great as styling statement pieces. If they have multiple compartments, it’s an innovative way to help you organise and order your prized items. Browse our inspiring stock from around the world. You’ll be able to create a wonderful-looking display and storage structure for your books, photos and vases.

As well as book storage and display, they also double up as a tall cabinet or room divider. Whether you have few, or piles of books, we at Scaramanga knows the real trick is to arrange them to be visually appealing. Scaramanga storage racks and shelves are a great practical device for space styling especially if they have multiple compartments – helping you to organise and create order.