Vintage Blanket Chests

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Vintage Blanket Chests

There's nothing more practical than a blanket chest or box. Honestly, they serve multiple purposes from storage to seating. We've carefully selected our range of blankets chests and blanket boxes so you have a gorgeous selection to choose from.

Our range of blanket chests is all vintage or antique, which means each piece is completely one of a kind and unique. Why bring a storage chest into your bedroom that looks like everyone else' when you can have something completely original. More importantly, we spent a lot of time making sure you have a choice of size and price. We understand more than anything that not all bedrooms are the same size and more, that we all don't have the same budgets. Therefore no matter what size bedroom you have or what kind of budget you have, you will find something perfect for you.

Placed at the end of your bed, you can use your new blanket box for blankets, obviously, but so much more! Keep shoes or stuff you just wanted to be hidden from site in a wooden blanket box. Then keep it closed and use it as extra seating. What a great place to sit and put on your shoes or slippers.

Our hope chests and wooden boxes are made from teak, which is incredibly hardwearing so it can take the weight of someone sitting on it. You might even have the kind of bedroom that allows you to keep collectables like picture frames, decor or flowers and plants on top of your blanket box. Perhaps you want to use your new blanket box as a nightstand, what a creative option! They are a great height for bedside tables, so browse our collection of blanket chests and grab a side table, who knew!

We have small wooden chests for smaller size rooms and these start as low as £60. So shop for flat pack furniture that is difficult to assemble when you can bring a truly original blanket chest into your bedroom today for the same price or cheaper. You'll find unique, affordable and practical bedroom blanket boxes at Scaramangashop!