Vintage Bedroom Storage Chests

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Vintage Bedroom Storage Chests

A bedroom storage chest is a key piece of furniture for your bedroom. A box, chest or trunk can be used in so many ways to create extra space. Popular uses include as a blanket box, bedside table and as a bedside cabinet to declutter a space. A blanket box is traditionally used to store blankets, throws, bed linen and covers and placed at the bed of a bed. Historically they were simple plain chests and boxes usually made from pine and often used to store clothes and essential items like candles. Scaramanga's range includes antique chests made from solid teak they rage in sizes from small to extra large. Teak is a very durable tropical hardwood that is imprevious to wear and is restistant to wood boring pests like woodworm. Burmese teak has a deep golden hue and a wonderful unique wood grain. Our highly skilled restorers repair every chest using traditional tools and techniques.

We value the fascinating history of bedroom storage chests as we know there is nothing more reassuring than buying a piece that is totally unique. One of our most fascinating, multi-functional antique wooden chests are our antique wedding chests. We source many striking pieces from Southern India where they were used as a wedding chests displaying a fine example of traditional wood craftsmanship with carved patterns and details which enhance its beauty.

Samller chests can be used as bedside cabinets to store bedside accessories like books, bedside lights, small potted plants and anything else you need to grab while in bed.

No matter what size, shape, colour or style you’re looking for, at Scaramanga we have one of the largest ranges of vintage and antique storage boxes and chests in the UK for you to peruse through. Have a look at the whole collection here.