Vintage Bedroom Mirrors

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Vintage Bedroom Mirrors

Our collection of bedroom mirrors is not to be missed. We've carefully selected our range of vintage mirrors to provide you with the most unique collection. You'll see one-of-a-kind wooden mirrors, wall mirrors and framed mirrors in all sizes.

Our bedroom mirrors are affordable, and practical and no two are the same, each one is truly unique. So while you can go buy a cheap mirror from your local box store, we suggest bringing a remarkable mirror into your bedroom. Our bedroom mirrors will transform your space while providing you with a gorgeous place to check yourself out. 

We believe by bringing in one-of-a-kind vintage furniture into a home brings with it charm and character you can't get from new furniture. Our vintage mirrors are no exception. You'll find an ornate antique mirror with details not seen in mass-produced new furniture. Not to mention repurposed mirrors, our collection of old Indian shutters turned into mirrors have been our most popular selling mirrors for years now. One, because they are completely original, but two, because the shutter doors can be closed so they look like wall art when not in use. Then we have some simple wooden framed mirrors, some very old, some repurposed, but all with original rustic paint. That rustic paint is what gives a lot of our mirrors that popular shabby chic style look. 

All our wall mirror are easy to hang. We make sure that each one has proper hanging brackets to make your life easier. Some of our teak mirrors are pretty heavy, so we suggest getting them professionally hung. But regardless, you'll find most vintage mirrors from Scaramangashop very easy to hang. 

So don't bring something average into your bedroom when you can easily bring a completely original vintage or antique bedroom mirror into your home!