Vintage Bathroom Wall Cabinets

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Vintage Bathroom Wall Cabinets

One of the most essential pieces of bathroom furniture is your bathroom wall cabinet, right? It's the place to keep all the toiletries you don't want people to see. And if you're anything like us, this cabinet is not organised! But that's beside the point. What matters is the outside looks great. All our bathroom wall cabinets have been hand-selected from around the globe. This means you are spoilt for choice in selecting a completely unique and beautiful bathroom cabinet. Each cabinet is one of a kind, affordable and is sure to make your ordinary bathroom an extraordinary room in your house.

Most of our wooden cabinets are sourced from old traditional homes in India. So you're getting a well-made cabinet handcrafted from hardwearing teak wood.  There is an abundance of colour used in vintage Indian furniture. So our collection of cabinets has a variety of colours to choose from. The paint is original, so your cabinet will have that popular rustic, shabby chic kind of look. Alongside vibrant colours, our bathroom wall cabinets are ornately carved. Some have an art deco style to them, trimmed in interesting shapes.

Well made and original is great, but what makes our bathroom cabinets even better is the fact that they are affordable. We have a range of cabinets starting at just £45. We're certain any budget can shop from our bathroom furniture selection. Additionally, these affordable bathroom cabinets can be used in any room in your home. That might sound strange at first, but they are classic wooden cabinets that aren't limited to just the bathroom. We've used them in kitchens as spice cabinets or as bedroom cabinets for holding little curios.

Browsing our collection of bathroom wall cabinets is a treat. You'll find affordable and unique bathroom cabinets that will truly transform your space. Shop at Scaramangashop today!