Vintage Bathroom Storage

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Vintage Bathroom Storage

Let's be honest, we keep a lot of stuff in our bathrooms. That's why having practical and stylish bathroom storage is essential. We don't believe in buying cheap flat pack furniture for your bathroom. Not when you can browse our collection of bathroom furniture and find affordable one of a kind bathroom storage. Our storage options for your bathroom include wooden crates, wooden cabinets, shelves, storage cabinets, bathroom storage boxes, freestanding bathroom cabinets and more. You'll quickly see how affordable, unique and practical our bathroom furniture is when you browse our collection at Scaramagashop today.

Our bathroom storage options start as low as £40. For that low of a price you can bring a unique little shelf or cabinet into your bathroom. We've made sure to have a variety of bathroom furniture that is affordable for every budget. As well, we have options for all sizes of bathrooms. From small narrow wooden cabinets to boxes that fit under the sink to large shelving units including wooden cupboards, there is something for everyone. We're able to offer our bathroom storage options at such prices because we source them in bulk from our suppliers around the globe. 

Because they come from different parts of the world, you're guaranteed to find something you can't find anywhere else. We have a range of art deco wall cabinets from England, iconic soda crates from America and a variety of wooden storage boxes from India. Each piece is truly special as there are no two pieces ever the same.  Bathroom storage doesn't have to be boring, and certainly not plastic! 

Each wooden box, shelf and cabinet is practical, we know that matters more than anything when it comes to bathroom furniture. You'll find many shelves and compartments in our cabinets, many different ways to store things in crates and ample space between shelves. All these things matter when it comes to bathroom storage. Plus, each piece is easy to hang as we've made sure if brackets are necessary then the piece has them. 

So don't wait, shop our beautiful range of bathroom storage furniture today!