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Toy Chest

It's hardly a secret that kids love to play. They also love toys: from cuddly stuffed animals, to the latest merchandise from a superhero franchise.

It's no wonder kid's love toys when they are spoilt for choice. But when it comes to tidying up...well, that's a whole other story.

But with a beautiful wooden toy chest, you child can pop all their toys away once they're done playing. Our fantastic range of toy chests at Scaramanga mean you'll never have to worry about stepping barefoot on Lego again!

A toy chest is perfect for a bedroom, living room or dedicated playroom. You are sure to find the perfect one for your space in our online store. We have a variety of different sized storage chests that will store all your child's favourite toys.

Our smaller chests, which sit perfectly on table tops, are ideal for housing small toy sets.

Whereas, our large floor wooden storage chests are perfect for placing at the end of a bed to store all their bits and bobs. They would be equally at home in a living room or play room, where they could be tucked away in a corner, or double as side tables.

Scaramanga will never buy furniture new, nor are our pieces made to look old in appearance. They have been sourced by our team from all over the world. Due to their age and years of use, toy chests from Scaramanga will feature slight marks and scratches. But we think that just adds to their character.

The genuine antique chests will fit in beautifully with any shabby chic or rustic interior style, and kids will love the fact that many look as if they were once owned by pirates!

Shop the full range online today and find your perfect toy chest at Scaramanga.