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Shaving Mirrors

We stock a wide range of original bathroom shaving mirrors. Usually found in bathrooms because of their original purpose, these stylish shaving mirrors can be hung anywhere in the home. They work really well in small spaces. So hang a shaving mirror in a bedroom or even try several to create a gallery style wall of mirrors. Or even put one up in the hallway so you can check your make up as you leave the house! Shaving mirrors were used in small bathrooms by men while wet shaving. They were also attached to shaving boxes so the box would be opened, the mirror unfolded for use while shaving. The box would store straight razors, blades and other accessories. Other styles include small framed mirrors with stands for use on surfaces like sink tops and chests. Today most homes have larger bathroom mirrors and small mirrors are not really needed in bathrooms.

Here at Scaramanga, we have an extensive range of vintage shaving mirrors for all kinds of interiors and styles: classic Art Deco, simple rustic wooden framed country-style, distressed painted framed mirrors, decorative carved frame mirrors and mirrors with shutters. A large number have small drawers or compartments making them really useful for storing those little things that get left laying around.

Today, they provide a unique yet stylish addition to any room.

The Scaramanga team strive to bring you truly authentic vintage products. These shaving mirrors were handmade by expert craftsmen. We never buy new, made-to-look-old pieces. Best of all no two mirrors are ever the same and each shows unique charm and character.

Wherever you hang it, your mirror will be the pride of place. So, whether you are looking for a statement piece for your wall or a little practical mirror. Be sure to shop our full range of stylish shaving mirrors online today at Scaramanga.