Vintage Wall Mirror

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Vintage Wall Mirror

Here at Scaramanga, we have an extensive range of vintage wall mirrors to suit all kinds of interiors.

Many of these wall mirrors are sourced from India, where they were originally used as shaving mirrors. As such, many feature a small cabinet either along the side or bottom of the mirror.

Today, they provide a unique yet stylish addition to any room.

The Scaramanga team strive to bring you truly authentic vintage products. As such, these shaving mirrors were hand craved by expert craftsmen. We never buy new, made-to-look-old pieces. Being antiques, many of our mirrors feature marks, scratches or other imperfections. However, this simply adds to the character and aesthetic of the product.

No two Scaramanga mirrors are the same – they are all totally unique. Meaning you’ll be the envy of any guests who admire it.

Commonly found in the bathrooms because of their original purpose, these stylish shaving mirrors can be featured anywhere in the home. Hang over a mantle to create a statement, or put it up in the hallway so you can check your make up as you leave the house.

Wherever you put it, your mirror will be the pride of place. So, whether you are looking for a statement piece for your wall or a little practical mirror. Be sure to shop the full range of stylish wall mirrors online today at Scaramanga.