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Painted Furniture

There’s something quite romantic about vintage painted furniture and shabby chic furniture. An elegance and charisma that you perhaps would struggle to find in conventional new furnishings. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to bring some character and charm to their home. Shabby chic probably finds its roots in the French grandeur style. Imagine an old chateau with antique furniture that's been neglected for a number of years. Cupboards, armoires and tables are left with knocks, dents and faded layers of paint. As the years go by the furniture looks a little older and more faded.

At Scaramanga, we understand shabby chic furniture. We can see the sophistication and beauty in a vintage distressed bedroom wardrobe or kitchen cabinet. We get colonial style cupboards and vintage soft furnishings that give your home a distinguished look. That’s why we have created this shabby chic furniture collection.

We stock hundreds of pieces of original vintage and antique painted furniture. pieces Our extensive selection of furniture includes vintage wardrobes, armoires, chairs, tables, desks, cupboards and cabinets.

Today pieces can be used in multiple spaces. A painted armoire can be used in a hallway, living room, kitchen or bedroom.

All the pieces in our selection of furniture have been carefully selected by Carl and his team and carefully and lovingly restored by expert craftsmen.

Browse and buy from our fantastic range of shabby chic furniture at Scaramanga and find a beautiful, Parisian style piece of furniture for your home today.