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Outdoor Furniture

You can get outdoor furniture anywhere these days, but it all kind of looks the same, don't you think? So, if you want unique and original garden furniture, then you should shop our collection of vintage garden furniture today.

You'll find that our vintage furniture is unique, multifunctional and is well suited for many decor styles, from vintage to shabby chic to modern.

Our range of vintage garden furniture for your garden patio is unique because we globally source all our pieces, so we can offer furniture pieces that you literally can't get elsewhere. Our outdoor dining tables are from India, where they would have been originally used as outdoor function table or market stall tables, they fold down, which you can imagine would come in very handy for this original purpose.

Like all our vintage furniture, each piece is original, meaning that the 'imperfections' have come with age and use, so you won't get that reproduced and contrived rustic look. What's better than having unique and one of a kind furniture at your next garden party?

Some pieces will even serve as conversation starters, like our original Kadai fire pits. Unlike all the other fire pits, ours are traditional cooking bowls from India that have been upcycled to make an extraordinary fire pit.

What is better than buying furniture that serves more than one purpose? Not much! Our outdoor furniture collection is made up of old school chairs that can be used as casual kitchen chairs as well as outdoor dining chairs.

We've even seen people use them in their home as a side table. Because most of our dining table are folding tables, you can easily bring them indoors or out in a flash. In addition to our popular vintage chairs and tables, you'll find our outdoor decor like vintage soda crates, clay jars, chai glasses and vintage lanterns also serve many different purposes.

We have these new gorgeous outdoor picnic tables that come with benches, this makes a great investment piece because you can bring the benches indoors and use them in your entry way or bedroom.

Along with our furniture being multifunctional, we also feel that furniture that can cross decor styles is important. You never know when you're going to want to follow an interior trend and want everything in your house to be industrial chic!

Take our wooden folding chairs for example, at first glance they have that true rustic farmhouse look to them, but pair them with a modern chic kitchen table and they'll fit in perfectly. Even with outdoor furniture, you can blend and mix styles.

Other pieces like our metal shelves will easily cross decor schemes, they can be used in a country kitchen or chic industrial style kitchen.

If you're familiar with Scaramanga's range of indoor and outdoor furniture, then you'll know that the quality doesn't stop there, we guarantee that your pieces are delivered quick and affordably. All our pieces are in stock, so it's likely that you could get your furniture delivered within days of ordering!

Shop our unique vintage furniture range today at Scaramanga shop.