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Money Boxes

Our money tin collection is unparalleled in size, selection and quality. Scaramanga prides itself on original furniture and interiors, and we make no exception when it comes to our collection of piggy banks, each is unique, full of character and provide fantastic storage as well as being practical. So whether you are looking for a large money box, childrens money box, a simple metal money tin or authentic wooden money box we have the right one for you.

You'll find yourself immersed in an exotic world of cash boxes, money pots, money tins and wooden money boxes, each one distinct from the other and truly an original piece. We source a lot of our vintage interiors from India, where pride of craftsmanship still exists and has always been very important. Most of these money boxes are 70-100 years old and have a lot more life in them yet.

You'll find no reproductions here at Scaramanga, just original pieces, each with a unique history. You would have originally found these boxes being used by either children, families or merchants and some of the money tins are still used today as donation boxes for the community to contribute money for poorer people's cremation.

Our customers are always happy to find out their Scaramanga product is original and nobody else could have one the same. From brass adornments and locks to hand carved wood, you'll find each wooden money box is distinctly different from one another. Some of the money tins have even been hand painted, so you'll variances in the artist who painted each one.

In addition to being original, our money boxes are full of character. If you're looking for a boy’s money box or a girl’s money box, you've come to the right place. Our collection is full of colour and fun locks that will have children in awe of their new safe place for their coins.

Not only do they look good, but since they're made of different materials, your children will enjoy the different sound their coins make as they fall into tin, brass or wood.

You'll find that all our money boxes have so much character that you'll want to show them off by setting them atop a table, mantle, dresser or desk. Even more beneficial, because they are each uniquely crafted, at first glance they don't even look like money boxes, so one might think they are just a lovely box, whilst you know it's filled with money or treasures.

Imagine how lovely a gift one of these would make! They would be a really thoughtful wedding gift as it could symbolise two people's new life together. You can even get a personalised money box at Scaramanga, as we can engrave initials into some of the wood ones.

We also have a selection of old padlocks that would suit most of our money tins and cash boxes. These come in a variety of sizes and metals, so you'll find one that is the perfect complement to your new box. We are happy to announce that our summer collection of vintage interiors and furniture will include traditional clay smash-able money boxes, a treat for all!

Our favourite money boxes are the antique and vintage ones. Each one is unique and will have a perfectly aged exterior with a patina that has been added through many years of use. The wood will is time-worn especially around the coin and note slots. Inside they often have compartments for different coins and notes.

Money boxes similar to the ones we sell are used by merchants and shopkeepers in India. Larger money boxes can be used as jewellery boxes, for other vintage curios and collections and as moemory boxes.