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Living Room Rugs

A living room rug brings comfort and atmosphere. Is there a better way to show off your personal décor style and treat your bare feet to some comforting tactile softness? So treat your feet to a fancy rug and take your feet on a magic carpet ride. Although our rugs are not quite magic carpets, they have the special ability to comfort your toes, define a seating area in the living room or offer a welcoming rich splash of colour for your home. Our range of rugs allows you to be bold with colours, motifs and made with precious, natural materials.

It’s obvious that living room rugs are becoming more and more popular as innovative design statement pieces and solutions for emerging flooring trends. They have become an important element of contemporary interior design and living room accentuation.

Our flexible range of stylish rugs is a sure way to enhance a living room. They inject a splash of colour or a ripple of pattern which can elevate a living room’s atmosphere or mood.

Attention to detail is essential for any room. Scaramanga’s living room rugs add lovely finishing touches. Our living room rugs help create a focal, warm and welcoming space with an exciting range of shapes, textures and colours – each rug hand-weaved. Many are derived from tribal rug design making them collectable art piece, each with its special story to tell, each with its own identity telling its own story.

We all know that selecting the perfect rug for your living room can be a tough decision. The size, colour and style are all aspects that allow a rug to fit within a living room. So how do you choose the perfect living room rug? Scaramanga can help find the best rugs; decide the purpose of the rug. Is it to unify the room, or perhaps to anchor some furniture, or maybe it simply to add some comforting colour?