Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

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Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to finding space in your kitchen, it can be tough to find a home for everything. What with having to store all kinds of crockery, cutlery, not to mention fancy kitchen equipment like toasty machines or blenders, it’s no wonder that items are often misplaced.

But with vintage kitchen cabinets from Scaramanga, you’ll be able to find what you need with ease while keeping your cooking space tidy and organised, not forgetting stylish.

All of vintage kitchen cabinets are genuine antiques and have retained their original features, such as the original paintwork, which adds a sense of character to the piece. The distressed paintwork offers a fantastic shabby chic feeling, and is perfectly suited for the homes of lovers of vintage style.

They can also be used as a bookcase, to keep all of your cook books and recipes in one, easy to find place.

In Scaramanga's extensive range of free standing kitchen cabinets, you’ll find the best vintage cabinet for your home. These storage solutions are ideal for those seeking to keep their kitchen space free of clutter and neatly organised. Shop our full range of vintage kitchen cabinets and cupboards online today.

Here are a few Scaramanga tips about when considering buying free standing kitchen cabinets and units. What style you would like: vintage, modern, retro, classic country, farmhouse or an eclectic style.

Do not rush into buying as you will have these cabinets and cupboards for several years to come. Look online with style publications, stores, blogs and Pinterest boards as well as interiors and lifestyle magazines.

Visit stores and showrooms to give you an idea of their size and when it comes to buying, many retailers will match online sellers' prices. Be prepared to loose at least a little space, free standing kitchens usually mean you will not have wall-to-wall cupboards using every centimetre of space. So look to keep less frequently used kitchen items out of the kitchen.

The best advantage of of free standing kitchens is that you can experiment and try different units, shelves and storage in different places. If you go eclectic with your styling there are really no rules. You can use completely different colours, styles, heights and widths.

It's better to buy what you love rather than what the rules of kitchen design tell you.You could use vintage armoires or wardrobes in the kitchen. Or old shop display cabinets to show off your colourful tins, plates, bowls, mugs and glasses.