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Duffle Bag

Are you looking for a high-quality leather duffle bag? If so, you've landed yourself in just the right place! We've got a growing selection of travel bags, including our most popular duffle bag; it's guaranteed to withstand all the rough situations it might find itself in from airport terminals, overhead bins and of course, the carousels.

We've crafted our leather duffle bag from our unique high-quality durable leather that is naturally distressed. All our leather bags are made from this leather because it's thick which makes it extremely durable. That's not to say the leather won't soften, it actually gets very soft over time, but still keeps its strength and as far as appearance goes, it looks better and better with age.

Again, it's naturally distressed so it has a unique lived-in, rustic look that is completely original, so unique in fact, that no 2 bags ever look the same!

You're are guaranteed to up your airport style with this duffle bag. It's ideal as weekend away bag as it will fit multiple changes of clothes, shoes and personal accessories. This is the best men's duffle bag or women's travel bag on the market!

Additionally, we have a variety of leather travel bags that suit most modern traveller's style. The antique leather weekend bag is a great option as a carry-on bag that as it will securely hold your laptop, and personal items for a long trip and for those who like to travel in comfort, there is long detachable strap so you can whisk through the airport hands-free.

This weekender bag will easily fit in most overhead compartments, but it's always a good idea to check size restrictions first.

One of our new additions to the travel bag collection is the canvas holdall bag, which is a departure from our usual all-leather bags. However, we're finding our robust and weatherproof canvas to be just as durable as our thick leather, this is the foundation of a well-made travel bag.

The waterproof canvas bag is a hunter green which is complemented by distressed leather features and gorgeous brass fittings. This large canvas travel bag will stylishly accompany you on your next long-haul journey or quick weekend getaway.

It's a great unisex travel bag that will travel through all weather conditions and last for years to come, a great option as a men's travel bag since they are typically hard to find.

We know that there is nothing more important than a good quality travel bag, who can afford zippers to break or handles to tear whilst in transit? You'll find quality in our bags because we triple stitch our handles and straps while adding padding to the lining so your personal items, including laptops and cameras, are well secured.

You'll also benefit from our duffle bags and the entire collection of Scaramanga travel bags being incredibly affordable. You shouldn't have to spend more on a leather bag than the flight! No, when you buy one of our weekender bags, you'll still have money to enjoy your travels.