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Coffee Tables

Your coffee table is most likely the centre of attention in your living room, which is why we proudly offer a large range of vintage coffee tables that will suit any home. Additionally, most of our vintage coffee tables have storage because we know how important it is to have space saving, multi-purpose furniture in your home. So, enjoy shopping our range of small coffee tables and large coffee tables today, each offering you brand new storage solutions.

Most of our tables are solid wood, made from robust hardwood that ensures they will last for years to come. You needn’t worry about your coffee table only lasting for a couple years, but rather, many, many years. You’ll find that they are even worthy of passing down as heirlooms. Quality, above anything else, is most important when it comes to vintage furniture, and our fine collection of coffee tables with added storage is no exception.

Each coffee table with storage is old and original, crafted by the most skilled artisans and hand sourced from around the globe. When you buy from us, you are truly buying a unique vintage table that is unlike any other, and never come flat packed. Given they are placed at the centre of your room, it's important to have a real statement piece, or conversation piece, rather. You can shop our full collection of coffee tables with drawers, rustic coffee tables, and oak coffee tables, in the Scaramanga online shop. You’ll find that each table has its own characteristics. All vintage, but some with more industrial, shabby chic and even contemporary style. That's why we're completely confident you won't have any trouble finding a coffee table that fits in perfectly with your already established interior decor choices.

Have you ever considered using old trunks or chests as coffee tables? Then we think you've got great style! At Scaramanga, we absolutely love the idea of trunk coffee tables and chest coffee tables. They will not only look stunning in your living space but add a bit of nostalgia of how people traveled in eras past. We have trunk coffee tables that are either wood or metal that will again, add style and purpose by giving you a great amount of extra storage.

Did you know that Scaramanga old travel trunks have featured in big Hollywood films such as Maleficent and Tarzan? That's how good our collection is, even top set designers and props buyers always check in to see our newest arrivals of unusual and top quality trunk coffee tables are.

In addition to our hardwood coffee table, we have recently added upcycled and industrial metal coffee tables to our site. So, if you're in the market for something more modern with clean lines and metal, then you'll also find a suitable coffee table with storage in the Scaramanga shop.