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Blanket Box

A blanket box from Scaramanga is a quick and affordable way to bring style and practicality to any room in your home. Our large range of blanket chests can easily be that statement piece of furniture you've been looking or be a new addition that fits in perfectly with your existing decor.

Are blanket boxes just for blankets? No, but this was indeed their original purpose, hence the name. If you're anything like us, you've got a growing collection of blankets and throws in your living room, bedroom or spare room and how many throws can you have out at a time?

So the rest need a little home and this is why our wooden blanket boxes are a great storage solution for your space. But how about board games, toys, shoes or anything you need but don't want sitting out all time? Yes, you can put all these things and more in one of our many wooden boxes.

Oh and even better, since our chests are made from durable teak, you can even use our blanket boxes as extra seating in your rooms!

At Scaramanga we pride ourselves on original vintage furniture, we don't do reproductions. This means you'll never see any two blanket boxes that are exactly the same. Each one is roughly 100 years old, collected from around the globe and have a unique story to tell.

Some storage boxes are in their original condition whilst others have been expertly restored by our craftspeople in India. Those who prefer a minimalist interior design will enjoy our collection of simple wooden chests that have little in the way of ornateness.

For those on the other end of the spectrum, you will be quickly seduced by ornate brass fittings, handmade locks, embossed tops or even secret compartments. Some of these linen chests are made from dark teak wood whilst others have been painted in reds, blues and greens. We are certain that shabby chic lovers and chic contemporary fans will find a chest that suits their personal interior style.

From big to small, our collection has any size you need. Smaller boxes can sit on tables or chest of drawers, whilst large blanket boxes sit nicely at the end of your bed and how great is it when you have a seat at the end of your bed to get shoes on?!

This might sound a bit extreme, but we honestly can't think of a more practical piece of furniture for your home. From seating to storage these storage boxes originally used for storing blankets, now serve multiple purposes. You can't say that about a lot of things.

At Scaramanga, nothing matters more than the quality of our vintage furniture and our blanket boxes are no exception. These have been around for years and are sure to last for much more.

Unlike modern flat packed furniture, there is an immense amount of care and attention that went into their construction. Their style and quality make them lovely family heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation.